Working on my first “official” crochet pattern

The first crochet pattern I'm eager to share here is for this cocoon cardigan.

The first crochet pattern I’m eager to share here is for this cocoon cardigan. I came up with the idea for it after seeing multiple examples online. The first one I made turned out pretty well, and became someone’s birthday present. For the second one I used a different stitch and also choose a slightly different yarn. Have you ever had the experience of a yarn and a pattern turning out to be the perfect partners for one another? That’s what happened with this particular cardi.

Until now my pattern for it has resided only in my head. I’m currently in the process of writing it down in all its precise details. When I made this red cardi — my third one of this type, and the second with this particular stitch and yarn — I was percolating the idea for this blog, and so I photographed every step. I’ll post the written pattern with photos just as soon as it’s ready. I also have ideas for a video to accompany it.

More soon!

2 comments on “Working on my first “official” crochet pattern

  1. Love it! Ive been wanting to give one of these a try! Cant wait. Will the pattern be written?? Im seldom online when i crochet…


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