Organizing my yarn stash

This weekend I took a little break from crocheting because I desperately needed to organize my craft supplies. Of course, this necessity was triggered by my ever-growing yarn stash.

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I’m still working on the video for the one “big cake” shawl scarf, and I have several other pattern ideas in the planning stages, but I did take a little break from crochet this weekend because I desperately needed to organize my craft supplies. Of course, this necessity was triggered by my ever-growing yarn stash.

Behind these closet doors in my home office lives all my sewing, quilting, beading, knitting and crocheting supplies.

Organizing my yarn stash

This closet is a bit oddly shaped inside because it backs up against a bathroom; the right side is shallow, and the left side is deeper. A few months ago I hung these two inexpensive sweater organizers on the shallow right side, where they fit that little nook perfectly with room to stack some boxes of sewing and quilting materials below.

Organizing my yarn stash

Unfortunately, my stash quickly outgrew the sweater organizers. So many lovely new yarns! So many yarn sales!

When I got tired of bags of yarn sitting on all the furniture in my home office, I took stock of my craft closet and realized I wasn’t making particularly good use of the deeper left side. Unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” photo, but I’ll tell you that it contained a short folding bookcase overflowing with my beading and sewing supplies, with lots of empty vertical space above just crying out to be used.

So after a couple evenings doing research online, I settled on these inexpensive cube organizers and bins from Target. These are in the “Room Essentials” line. If you look carefully, you’ll see that I have a six-cube organizer sitting on top of a nine-cube organizer, a configuration that fits the deep side of my craft closet perfectly. I’m storing heavier beading and sewing supplies in the bottom cubes, and lighter yarns in the top. No more wasted vertical space!

Organizing my yarn stash

Hubby very cleverly and securely connected the two units by drilling down from the bottom of the top unit through the top of the bottom of the top unit, and installing 1-1/4″-6 bolts, one in the front and one in the back on each side, for four bolts total. Each bolt is placed 2″ inside its corner. They’re completely unobtrusive and don’t interfere with the bins at all.

Organizing my yarn stash

One problem I did have with the sweater organizers was that plastic bags of yarn kept slipping out onto the closet floor. With the bins, I no longer have that problem. This bin contains my leftover Scarfie, Caron Cakes, and other part-wool yarns that I plan to crochet into warm beanies to donate to a local charity for Christmas.

Organizing my yarn stash

If you decide to try these Target cube organizers, one thing I do want to mention is that the material they provide for the cube backs is sized so that it only works if you alternate cubes with and without backs in the pattern shown on the box. I had originally wanted to have all the bins at the top and all the open cubes with backs at the bottom, but discovered that wasn’t possible unless we either trimmed the back panels to get them to fit, or went out and bought different material to make our own backing. I didn’t want to change the configuration badly enough to go to the extra trouble, so we went with the alternate configuration.

Another note about quality: These organizers are very inexpensive, very solid and very easy to assemble, but they are made of particle board, and it shows. For example, one of the shelves came out of the box with the layers of particle board separating, something Hubby repaired by applying some wood glue and a clamp overnight. They also had a couple of small dings here and there. But, they’re perfectly satisfactory for something that lives inside a closet.

In any case, I am now in possession of an uncluttered home office and an extremely well-organized craft closet. I’ll get back to crocheting soon, but please excuse me for a moment while I go stand in front of my open closet door and bask in the Zen.

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