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Crochet gifts: Dragon gloves

When your friend's birthday falls on the feast day of St. George (April 23), and she's a big "Game of Thrones" fan, Ashlea Konecny's Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves make a very appropriate gift.

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When your friend’s birthday falls on the feast day of St. George (April 23), and she’s a big “Game of Thrones” fan, Ashlea Konecny’s Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves (on Ravelry) make a very appropriate gift.

I used two Caron Cupcakes in the color Mango Tango. By selecting two cakes with the same configuration of colors and making one glove from each cake, it was easy to produce matching gloves.

Caron Cupcakes are a weight 3 yarn and I used a size G hook.

Don’t be intimidated by this pattern. The scales only look complicated, and the pattern is very clearly explained.

I ended up needing only six rows of scales instead of seven to get the length I wanted for the hands. I worked 11 rows of clusters in the wrists, and finished with a picot centered on each cluster.

I have a fair amount of leftover yarn from this project, and I’m still thinking what to do with it. I have some ideas….

No dragons were harmed (or even shed tears) in the making of these Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves.

Crochet gifts: Dragon gloves

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