One “tea cake” infinity scarf

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Yesterday evening after dinner I experimented with my first Caron Tea Cake, in the color “Winterberry,” and made this infinity scarf, start to finish, while Hubby and I binge-watched three episodes of “Poldark.”

I had in mind a scarf that was ribbed and chunky, so I started by crocheting 8″ of foundation half-double crochet, which turned out to be 16 stitches. (You could also chain 18 and then start in the third stitch from the hook and work 16 half-double crochet.) Then I chained 2, turned the work and did half-double crochet in the back loop only of each stitch. I did not count the turning chain as a stitch, but instead started in the back loop of the stitch at the turning chain’s base; doing this gave the scarf a smooth, straight edge without gaps. I continued in this way until the cake was nearly used up, at which point the scarf was 53″ long by 8″ wide. Since I was making a ribbed infinity scarf and wanted the ribbing to match when I sewed the ends together, I took care to end on an even number of rows. When I was done adding rows, I chained 1, folded the scarf so the ends were together, and slipped stitched the front loop of the last row to the back loop of the first row. Then I finished off and wove in the two ends. (Note: After trying the size L hook recommended on the label, I decided the work was too tight and started over with a size N hook, which was perfect.)

That long paragraph above is the pattern in its entirety, so you can see how extremely easy and mindless it is. (The pattern in traditional format follows below.) That’s why I think this scarf is perfect for a crochet beginner, or a more experienced crocheter who wants to work on a mindless project while binge-watching their favorite show. And because this scarf works up super fast — for me, two half-double crochet were about one square inch — it’s also a great option if you need to make a gift in a hurry.

You are free to gift, donate or sell for profit any items you make from this pattern. I ask only that if you sell items made from any of my patterns, as a courtesy you reference as the pattern’s source.

Free crochet pattern: One "tea cake" infinity scarf



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