The easiest poncho you’ll ever make

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See also my free Denim Patchwork Poncho pattern, adapted from this pattern.

This lightweight poncho has a streamlined silhouette and a lovely subtle texture. And, you can crochet it quickly and easily from just two Caron Cakes using only elementary crochet stitches!

The color used here is Turkish Delight, which is one of my favorite cake colors. I think it goes exceptionally well with denim.

Free crochet pattern: The easiest poncho you'll ever make
Turkish Delight is a new Caron Cake colorway for fall 2017.

You crochet this poncho from the neck down, working in the round. To start, you make a loop of single crochet for the neckline. In the second round you switch to double crochet and create two points exactly opposite each other. Then you continue adding rounds, alternating two rounds of solid double crochet worked in back loop only, with three rounds of double crochet and chain-1 spaces, and always increasing at the points.

When making the loop for the neckline, instead of the traditional two-step process of chaining and then working the single crochet, I prefer to use foundation single crochet, which is done in a single step. Foundation stitches are especially useful when you need to crochet your foundation row to a specific length, as with the neckline of this poncho, and I use them whenever possible.

Feel free to use whatever method is most comfortable to you for the neckline, but if you’re interested in learning more about foundation stitches, you can watch my quick tutorial video:

Here is the video tutorial for this poncho pattern:

You are free to gift, donate or sell for profit any items you make from this pattern. I ask only that if you sell items made from any of my patterns, as a courtesy you reference as the pattern’s source.

Free crochet pattern: The easiest poncho you'll ever make



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121 responses to “The easiest poncho you’ll ever make”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    Hi, I saw a comment back a bit somebody was going to do 3 rows of solid and 2 of the spaced rounds. Are there any adjustments needed ?
    I also think this is beautiful, just want something a little more solid.

    Thank you.


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