Denim patchwork poncho

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In August 2017 I first saw Lion Brand Jeans yarn – new that year – and was immediately smitten. I bought skeins in five different colors: Faded, Classic, Vintage, Stonewash and Top Stitch.

Free crochet pattern: Denim patchwork poncho
Lion Brand Jeans yarn in the color “Faded.”
Free crochet pattern: Denim patchwork poncho
Lion Brand Jeans yarn in the colors “Classic,” “Vintage,” “Stonewash” and “Top Stitch.”

Then I spent more than half a year trying to decide what to make with it. I knew I wanted to make a garment with sections of the blues and gray “stitched” together with the orange Top Stitch color, but I couldn’t make up my mind what pattern would show this to best advantage.

When spring (and poncho-wearing weather) was approaching, I finally decided what to do: I would keep it simple and adapt my own Easiest Poncho pattern.

The Easiest Poncho pattern was designed to be made using two Caron Cakes; alternating two “solid” rounds of double crochet, worked in back loop only to add texture, with three rounds of double crochet and chain-1 spaces, for a different, mesh texture.

To get the denim patchwork effect I wanted, I decided to keep the alternating solid and spaced bands, just making them wider and each in its own color.

Free crochet pattern: Denim patchwork poncho

The only additions I made to the basic structure of the Easiest Poncho pattern is the orange “stitching” between color bands, the orange single crochet border around the neckline, and the orange single crochet border with picots around the hem.

The written pattern is below, with photos.  You may also find it helpful to watch the video tutorial for the Easiest Poncho pattern, which explains most of the basic concepts:

You are free to gift, donate or sell for profit any items you make from this pattern. I ask only that if you sell items made from any of my patterns, as a courtesy you reference as the pattern’s source.

Free crochet pattern: Denim patchwork poncho






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