Easy angled pocket shawl

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If ever there was a year when we needed pocket shawls, 2020 is that year. I mean, what could be more comforting during this crazy, scary pandemic than wrapping up in something that’s warm and cozy – and as a bonus, has pockets!

I prefer sweaters and coats with angled pockets so that it’s easy to slip one’s hands into them, so I designed my pocket shawl pattern accordingly.

Don’t worry though – this pattern is deceptively easy to make and is appropriate for advanced beginners on up. The pattern is broken down into four easy steps, illustrated with diagrams and photos.

The pattern shows how to make this pocket shawl in two different yarns – Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend (weight 3) and Lion Brand Scarfie (weight 5 wool blend), but is easily adapted to work with any weight 3, 4 or 5 yarn of your choice.

It works up quickly (especially with thicker yarns) and would make a great gift!

You are free to gift, donate or sell for profit any items you make from this pattern. I ask only that if you sell items made from any of my patterns, as a courtesy you reference spoonsandhooks.com as the pattern’s source.





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