The “big hug” hooded cowl scarf

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Maybe it’s because 2020 was such a very challenging year, but nearly everything I’ve been making lately has been the crochet version of a hug.

This hooded cowl scarf is definitely in that category. I took my two-in-one bandana cowl pattern and super-sized it, making the cowl long enough and wide enough to pull over the head as a hood, and making the “bandana” section into a big triangle scarf that’s wide enough to drape over the shoulders.

The garment shown required one and a half Caron Cakes from the Lovely Layers Collection. I used the colorway “Sugar Plums.” Two regular Caron Cakes would also work.

You are free to gift, donate or sell for profit any items you make from this pattern. I ask only that if you sell items made from any of my patterns, as a courtesy you reference as the pattern’s source.







6 responses to “The “big hug” hooded cowl scarf”

  1. Olga Avatar

    Hi I have a question. On row one it says to hdc and whatnot. But it doesn’t say how many starting chains to me.


    1. Nina Avatar

      Olga – Scroll down to where it says:
      Cowl/hood section
      Ch 80; join with sl st to form loop.
      Note: The starting chain must be a multiple of 4.


  2. Cathy Avatar

    I can’t get the count to match.🤔


  3. Cathy Toms Avatar
    Cathy Toms

    On the scarf part, it says to increase 4 stitches in chain 2 space. Then round8 says 2 hdc, chain 2 ,2 hdc. So is it increase 6 on rounds 8?


    1. Nina Avatar

      No, in each ch-2 space at the point, you will work 2 hdc, ch2, 2 hdc — thereby adding 4 hdc to each round. In bobble rounds, you work: first bobble, ch 3 (counts as ch 1 + ch-2 space); work second bobble, ch 1. Does this help?


      1. Cathy Toms Avatar
        Cathy Toms

        Sure does, don’t count the chain 2. Love the look!


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